Enterprise customers that leverage traditional IT strategies are rapidly transforming how they discover and consume technology. Given this rapid transformation, customers are flooded with paradigm changing concepts, such as cloud computing and the associated ecosystem.  There are many companies focused on delivering traditional IT technologies or emerging public cloud based services.  Few, if any, of these companies are hyper-focused on vendor-neutral, hybrid-cloud solutions leaving customers locked into a vendor-biased or singular cloud strategy.  Traditional technology companies are immature as it relates to supporting the public cloud, while born-in-cloud practices lack legacy systems knowledge.  As a result, there is a significant gap in the market as it relates to an unbiased hybrid-cloud consulting practice. Enterprise customers are looking for a way to blend the two while mitigating risk and cost. 


NextGen Storage offers hybrid-cloud consulting and vendor sourcing services based on a DataFirst methodology.  This methodology is driven by a proven cloud-readiness assessment service coupled with next-generation, cloud-integrated data storage technologies and elastic cloud interconnect services.  The end state is faster time to market for initial hybrid cloud use cases coupled with a broader plan to properly prepare for cloud, data center and infrastructure projects.  This differentiated approach produces immediate value related to cloud transformation while reducing time to market, vendor lock-in, risk, and cost.


  • Dramatic cost savings vs. traditional methods and systems

  • Faster time to market for initial hybrid cloud use cases

  • Trusted advisor for the complex hybrid cloud ecosystem

  • Vendor, cloud, and carrier neutral approach

NextGen Storage, LLC | NY, NY